Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Book Cover Designs & More: Inkspell Publishing

Inkspell Publishing 

I did a blog layout for the founder of Inkspell Publishing, Shilpa and after that she asked me to join the Inkspell team as a designer. Honestly, I couldn't be any happier. I love working with IS and it has helped me jump start my career. I've done a lot of designs for IS. Starting from Cover Designs, to Banners, Textboxes, Stationery like Business Cards, Letterheads, the logos, the catalog designs, bookmarks and everything else that comes with books. I even do ARC cover designs for a small price.

Starting from above, Always You was the first cover I did for Inkspell, and one of the few that I loved. Our philosophy at IS is that we try to keep the book cover design as true to the book as possible. We get a long tremendously because we share the same insight. I've read Always You and the cover fits the story well. 

Call of the Sea on the other, I haven't read but I've enjoyed making such a fun cover. From what I've read of the book, the contents are colorful and fun and hence the book cover should be too but with a pirate flavor.

The books as prints.

Familiar Ties was the hardest cover I've done for Inkspell. No matter what I did in the beginning I couldn't get the feel of the cover right. But at the end I did it with the help of some bystanders. 

Hollywood Ever After was fun to design as well. I love how it turned out. The bookmarks of these can be found in a link at the bottom! As for the print covers, they are as follows: 

Shadow of the Witte Wieven was my first urban fantasy book cover! I tried something new with The Carny and used different resources. More prints below:

These I've posted up already. I've already read both of them and have Want paperback designed and bought. TMDY by Cecilia Rober is only available as an eBook. Want as a print:

Now for some Banners I've designed for the Inkspell Website and some flyers for promotional sake

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