Saturday, August 18, 2012

Recent Blog Layouts

A Year of Jubilee Reviews

Comments: I started working with Vectors. It was difficult but I think I did well the first time. I'm looking forward to doing some more. 

Ainsley Shay, Author

Comments: This was fun to do. :D It's simple and elegant.

June Bug Mom: It's the mom life

Comments: This is such a cute design! I enjoyed making it. :D

Miranda Hardy, Author

Comments: This is one of my favorite blog layouts that I've done. 

A Single Country Gal & Her Cat

Comments: This was fun to do as well. :D 

~ MoonStar's Bokverden ~

Comments: This is a blog layout I did for my very good friend. I loved working on this and how it turned out. 

Unputdownable Books

Comments: My Book Blog's Layout. Simple, bright and colorful at the same time.

I've got a few more on its way. And then some book covers as well. So watch out!


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