Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Cover: Into the Hollow by Karina Halle

As a big fan of the Experiment in Terror Series by Karina Halle, I was absolutely thrilled when she asked me to do the book cover of the 6th installment of the series. I literally fangirled. HAHA. Not my shining moment but I couldn't help it. The cover is as follows: 

"Perry Palomino has fought her demons – and won – but the battle is far from over. She’s now left broken and on her own, leaving behind her life and family in Portland to focus on giving Dex Foray – and the Experiment in Terror show – a second chance. But their past mistakes continue to tease and test their relationship, as does the wild and desolate terrain of the Canadian Rockies. The snow-covered peaks and ravenous forests hide an urban legend too unbelievably frightening to be true and the only way the duo has a chance of surviving is if Perry can let in the very man who sent her to hell and back." - Goodreads

The cover was a little tricky but with Karina's input. We nailed it. :D 
During the making of this cover, I realized that I no longer knew normal from creepiness. 
I think I'm immune to scary pictures and images since I used to make tons of it. 
=.= Bad sign? Maybe... Maybe not. 

Enjoy the Cover! And look out for more covers!



  1. cool cover .... can't wait for the release of the book.

    1. Thanks! Me too! I can't get enough of Dex and Perry. :D

  2. Hey Naj - I'm so behind on blogs - so i'll comment for your last seven posts now...
    this cover reminds me of looking through night goggles - very haunting and creepy
    beautiful erotic covers
    you blog designs - I LOVE!!
    The Blemished - just gorgeous!

    You're so talented! I look forward to seeing more!

    1. Hey Ainsley! :D Was it seven posts? I didn't realize. :DD Thank you soo much for the comment and kind words. <3